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Changes in gonadal function in post-pubertal male survivors of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and Hodgkin's disease

AIM: To study gonadal function in male patients surviving acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) or Hodgkins disease (HD). PATIENTS AND METHODS: Thirteen postpubertal males were studied (Tanner stage V), 9 with ALL and 4 with HD, who had received polychemotherapy during the pre-puberal period. The control group was composed of 13 male volunteers of similar ages and with complete pubertal development. Testicular ... More

Mon, Feb 27, 2017

Giant cell arteritis. Episodes of syncope add complexity to an unusual presentation.

GCA presents in various forms, creating a diagnostic conundrum for the treating physician. Evaluation requires extensive medical examination, testing, and imaging to rule out other conditions. Compared with the process of diagnosing GCA, treating it is relatively straightforward. Most patients show significant improvement with corticosteroid therapy. Our patient presented with syncope, which also has numerous ... More

Mon, Feb 27, 2017

Mycobacterium genavense infection in a patient with long-standing chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.

We describe the first case of disseminated infection with Mycobacterium genavense in an HIV-seronegative patient with a chronic haematological disorder. Our patient, an 80-year-old woman, had been under long-term treatment with chlorambucil (partially in combination with prednisone) for B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (B-CLL). When she developed general fatigue and progressive anaemia, as well ... More

Mon, Feb 27, 2017

Malignant lymphoma of the larynx: a case report and review of the literature

BACKGROUND: Malignant lymphoma of the larynx are rare tumors and represent less than 1% of primary malignant laryngeal tumors. CASE REPORT: In this case report we present a case of a diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of the larynx. Clinical presentation, diagnostic approach, staging and differential diagnosis as well as therapy and prognosis are discussed in relation to the available literature. CONCLUSIONS: ... More

Mon, Feb 27, 2017

Treatment of Grave's ophthalmopathy with high doses of corticosteroids

Severe ophthalmopathy with sight impairment and double vision due to a compressive optic neuropathy, extraocular muscle thickness and corneal exposure occurs in 3-5% of all patients with Graves' hyperthyroidism [1]. Steroids are the choice of treatment for ophthalmopathy in more than 50%, and with orbital radiotherapy or surgical decompression in more than 70% of cases [2]. In severe ophthalmopathy ... More

Mon, Feb 27, 2017

Thalidomide for treatment of patients with chronic graft-versus-host disease.

In a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial, thalidomide or placebo together with glucocorticoids and either cyclosporine or tacrolimus was administered as initial therapy for clinical extensive chronic graft-versus-host disease (cGVHD). All patients had thrombocytopenia or cGVHD that evolved directly from acute GVHD as an indicator of a poor prognosis. The study drug (thalidomide or placebo) ... More

Mon, Feb 27, 2017

Birth defects after maternal exposure to corticosteroids: prospective cohort study and meta-analysis of epidemiological studies.

BACKGROUND: Corticosteroids are first-line drugs for the treatment of a variety of conditions in women of childbearing age. Information regarding human pregnancy outcome with corticosteroids is limited. METHODS: We collected prospectively and followed up 184 women exposed to prednisone in pregnancy and 188 pregnant women who were counseled by Motherisk for nonteratogenic exposure. The primary outcome ... More

Mon, Feb 27, 2017

Transplantation potential of peripheral whole blood primed by VACOP-B chemotherapy plus filgrastim (r-metHuG-CSF) in patients with aggressive non-Hodgkin's lumphoma.

Large volumes of peripheral blood need to be processed to obtain sufficient stem cells for hematopoietic rescue after myeloablation, and more than one leukapheresis is necessary in most patients. We conceived the feasibility of harvesting sufficient numbers of hematopoietic cells from the whole blood, obtainable by venaepunctures, of patients treated with a standard dose chemotherapy regimen for high-grade ... More

Mon, Feb 27, 2017

Management of Kikuchi's disease using glucocorticoid.

Histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis, or Kikuchi's disease, is a self-limiting cervical lymphadenitis of unknown origin. Since no specific treatment has been reported for Kikuchi's disease to date, once a diagnosis of Kikuchi's disease has been established, the role of the physician has been limited only to treating the symptoms. Sometimes, however, the clinical manifestations of the disease can be very ... More

Mon, Feb 27, 2017

Does immunosuppressive regimen influence the lipid disturbances in kidney recipients?

Though it is said that some immunosuppressive agents are implicated in the development of hyperlipidemia in kidney recipients, this subject is still controversial. Main plasma lipid parameters, as well as apolipoproteins A1 and B were measured periodically in 39 kidney first cadaveric, nondiabetic recipients during 24 months of clinic follow-up after transplantation. Standard triple immunosuppressive ... More

Mon, Feb 27, 2017